Super-Clean gas filter systems are designed to provide the utmost in convenience and contamination reduction. The system is tested for leak-tightness and the glass and metal construction of the cartridges eliminates diffusion of contaminants into the gas stream. During cartridge replacement, check valves close off the system to the atmosphere, further minimizing the entry of contaminants.
Filter systems are available in several configurations, including 3 and 4 cartridge systems for GCs equipped with Flame Ionization Detectors (FIDs). Additionally, baseplates are available for 2, 3, or 4 filters, allowing the user to design a gas filter system for any application. Unit is ready to connect with 1/8 in. tubing. Maximum pressure is 150 psi (11 bar).

• Triple filter cartridge for carrier gas purification with a single cartridge.
• Fuel gas filter for removal of hydrocarbons and moisture from FID fuel gases.
• The filter gas flow path is made from high quality glass and stainless steel.
• Filters can be changed easily, without tools.
• Base plate design allows customization for your gas filtration needs
• Indicating action tells when to replace cartridges.

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  • Max pressure : 150 psi (11 bar)
  • Capacity : Triple Filter—1.8 g H2O, 0.5 L O2
  • Fuel gas filter—3.6 g H2O
  • Moisture filter—7.2 g H2O
  • Oxygen—1000 mL of O2
  • Dimensions : 33 cm x 31 cm x 11 cm—4 filter system
  • Weight : 8 kg
  • Purity level : ≤ 0.1 ppm at max flow rate of 2 L/min (max pressure 10 bar)


제품번호 제품명(규격) 단위 표준가격
5182-0816  Super-Clean Gas Purification System ea 2,427,500
5182-9703  FID Gas Purification System ea -가격수정중-
5182-9704  Carrier Gas Purification System ea  -가격수정중-
5183-4774  FID Fuel Gas Purification Sytem ea -가격수정중-



5182-0817 Moisture Filter Cartridge with indicator ea -가격수정중-
5182-0818 Oxygen Filter Cartridge with indicator ea -가격수정중-
5182-0820 Hydrocarbon Filter Cartridge ea -가격수정중-
5182-3423 Super-Clean GPS O-ring kit (4 each of 2 sizes) 8/pk -가격수정중-
5182-9705 Triple Filter Cartridge ea -가격수정중-
5182-9706 2 Position Baseplate/manifold ea -가격수정중-
5182-9707 3 Position Baseplate/manifold ea -가격수정중-
5182-9713 4 Position Baseplate/manifold ea -가격수정중-