ㆍAC models
ㆍContamination-free pumping of air, gases, and vapors
ㆍHigh performance and minimum size
ㆍExtremely quiet and smooth running
ㆍEquipped with thermo switch and standard fuse
ㆍSimple to use
ㆍMaintenance free
ㆍOil-free membrane pumps

* 220 Volts. This product is only available in Europe

Witt’s Bottle WT 100
For filtrate collection in an inserted container. The bottle is made of borosilicate glass. It has a replaceable round lid and side-mounted tubing nozzle for vacuum tubing 8 mm (inside diameter).

Forceps PZ 001
The stainless steel forceps with smooth angled jaws (104 mm long) are ideal for handling membrane filters. They are autoclavable and can be flame sterilized with ethanol.


Performance Data - Vacuum and Pressure Pumps
  Delivery (l/min) m3/h Vacuum (mbar absolute) Pressure (bar) Weight (kg)
VP003 3.6 < 100 4 11


Technical Data - Witt’s Bottle WT 100
Size 100 mm diameter
Height 160 mm
Capacity 1000 ml
Vacuum connection Tubing nozzle 8 mm (inside diameter)


Ordering Information - Vacuum filtration apparatus accessories
Catalog Number Description
10470300 VP 003 electrical vacuum and pressure pump, 1/pk
10464103 ML 050/0/03 steel frit with ring, 1/pk
10477601 WT 100 Witt's flask, 1000 ml with tubing nozzle, 1/pk
10477600 SF 100 suction flask, 1000 ml with tubing nozzle, 1/pk
10471700 SV 006 vacuum tubing, 1 meter length, 1/pk
10477602 PZ 001 tweezers, stainless steel, 1/pk